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At Abigail Pregnancy Services, we provide free services to women who believe they might be pregnant. When women come into our center, we provide them with a free pregnancy test. If that test is positive, we have the ability to refer them to receive a limited obstetric ultrasound to determine how far along they are in their pregnancy, find the baby’s heartbeat and see if their pregnancy is healthy and viable. We believe that letting a woman see her growing baby is a key component in her decision to choose life for her child, which is why we are in the process of offering limited ultrasounds at our locations.

If we determine that a woman is pregnant through a pregnancy test, we can then provide her with the support and resources she needs to continue her pregnancy. Many of the women who come to us are struggling – emotionally, financially, physically and most times, spiritually. By providing free services to her, such as pregnancy tests and referring for free ultrasounds, we then have the opportunity to learn about her unique situation and discover how we can help her choose life, despite her circumstances. We treat each woman with compassion and show her God’s love for her and her unborn child. Through this support and love, we continue to help more women choose life for their children.


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